CADENCE AND CASCADE: Robert plays bright, jangly electric guitar chords during the tracking session. This, coupled with Michael's faster tempo and bright cymbals during the first few takes, makes the song sound a lot more upbeat than in the album. It clearly takes them a bit to find the right vibe and Robert can even be heard saying “Pop is more difficult to play than jazz”, at one point. Track 7, seemingly the last one recorded, gets all the overdubs, with acoustic guitar, piano, flute and Gordon's smoky vocal making this song the classic we know and love. PEACE We start off with a little surprise, as a piano plays the familiar melody and in comes the voice of... Gordon Haskell! We only get to hear him sing a couple of lines, as it becomes clear this is not the right tune for his voice. Afterwards, there are four takes of "A beginning", sung by Greg, with Robert plucking a single note on guitar to help him stay on tune. The naked beauty of Greg's voice is astounding. Afterwards, Robert plays seven takes of "A theme" on acoustic. The first one is almost perfect but he chooses to try again and takes a while to regain the magic. The seventh and final take is quite different from the others and seems to have been reharmonized. After a few bars, the piano starts playing along with Robert's guitar- and goes quite out of tune at some point. "An end" is tracked with Robert's acoustic accompanying Greg's voice. The guitar is occasionally rather busy and rhythmically distracting. Take 3 is the version in the album.