This was my fifth time seeing this incarnation of the band (and the band itself) live. By this point, I knew, of course, that I could trust it to be heavy, engaging and different every time - and that I could trust it to be King Crimson. I was surprised to hear even fewer quiet moments than in previous shows. In fact, "The Letters" seems to have gone from slightly less build-uppy silence until the apocalyptic wail of the beast (all seven heads of it) to none at all! Regardless of what form it takes, I can't get enough of this + "Sailor's Tale" with this line-up. Other highlights were to me the Radical-Meltdown-Level Five combo, the incredibly exciting new version of "Indiscipline" and the somehow always fresher "Schizoid Man", which I sort of liked to imagine I would be bored with, because it's just old Schizoid Man - how silly of me!