Posted by Sid Smith on Jan 6, 2006 - This post is archived and may no longer be relevant

Burning questions answered here! Another selection of guestbook queries grabbed by the lapels and given a thorough shaking about. 

Art For Art’s Sake

Laurent and tsimms make some constructive points about problems concerning artwork.  These are being looked into by the DGM Art Department (i.e. Hugh) who had this to say “thanks for the alert the LoG overwriting problem is somewhere in Eric’s long list of matters to do and there are also the WFC track lists bumping into the copyright text on the inlay. When these covers were generated I didn’t hit ’approve cover’ but they still appear to be available front end. The “Ausin” and “Bouremouth” typos were changed in the database. I can’t have hit ’regenerate cover’, although they look fine today.”

We’re looking at including the artwork as an integral part of the download rather than something separate. Everyone who has downloaded shows but not artwork will be notified via email and sent the relevant pdfs this month.

Picture This

DoctorDiamond, WhiskeyVengeance, thelarkstongue to name but a few, ask when a KC DVD anthology might be available.  This is a project which the team is keen to progress but has necessarily been on the back-burner given other priorities in the last year. 

A common misconception is that there must be an army of desk-jockeys sitting in the vast open-plan office in the huge out-of-town call centre that is DGM HQ, pushing buttons, pounding search engines and making international calls to TV producers with surnames ending in “ski.”

Chance would be a fine thing.  Of all the considerable demands (or ‘stuff’ as the guitarist calls it) placed upon the small DGM team, moving the DVD along is just one of many. 

However, just because nothing is publicly visible doesn’t mean people have their feet up on table. The business of tracking down source material, as opposed to easily available bootlegged Nth generation copies doing the rounds, can be fairly time consuming and ultimately a dead end for your trouble.

For example, last year we were trying to track down the video material recorded for the Bremen Beat Club TV show. LTIA Pt 1 featuring Jamie Muir has been in circulation for a while but I’d wondered if the whole show (as recorded on KCCC 3) might be available.  The company were pretty sure that everything outside of the surviving LTIA pt1 clip had been junked after being edited for transmission but couldn’t be 100% sure as they had piles of decaying stock but no longer had the machines that could view it.

So what we needed to do next is organise a trip to their archive, hire a facility house and sift through the remains without much prospect of recovering anything of direct KC-related value.  With an unlimited budget this might be an option but both time and money are in short supply, and when the outcome is by no means certain, you have to make a judgement about how to best use limited resources. 

That said if there’s a collector out there with very deep pockets willing to fund the above task I’d be off like a dirty shirt. 

However, during the year ahead this is a project that will be pushed forward.  Additionally we are looking at how Bootleg TV material might be made available via the website along with Radio DGM Live. 

Billy: Will He Or Won’t He?

Macavity, in asking if Billy B will rejoin Crimso utters the phrase many of us will have had good cause to repeat  at some point in the last thirty odd years or so; “What about Bruford?”  Well, in Bill’s own words about the conclusion of the Nashville sessions “… Bill and Robert are unlikely to attempt music-making together again.”  For all things relating to Bill you should check out his website – which is where the quote comes from.

Vinyl Solution

Alberto Duarte and Jim Newhouser were asking if the MFSL pressing of ITCOTCK had been cut from the original master tape or the 1st generation copy. 

Cross-eyed with confusion, I asked David Singleton for clarification. “The original tapes that were used for the latest edition of ITCOTCK have never been used for a pressing before. We know this because these tapes did not include the cross fade between Talk to the Wind and Epitaph or even the correct level adjustments between tracks, so it would be impossible to press directly from them - the MFSL masters must, at best, therefore have been taken from tapes one or two generations later, where these alterations had been made.”

As previously trailed on the guestbook at the time, there are no plans to release a deluxe vinyl edition of the album.

Listing To One Side

Beezonacake and Grassy want to know which downloads are top of the pops on DGM Live. Great idea - we will be displaying this information as part of the ongoing site revamp. 

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Triple_F and (by implication) greenman ask about a php style message board being introduced to the DGM Live site. We did talk about having some kind of forum space when the site was in development (you’ll notice that it says “Forums” on the navigation bar). However in order to keep things simple we stuck with the gb format from the old DGM site of yore. You’ll probably be aware that there are several KC and KC-related php-based message boards including Krimson News, Planet Crimson and ProjeKction where you can complain loudly and repeatedly that DGM are a bunch of money-grabbing opportunists with designs on your hard-earned pay.  Of course you can do that here as well but without the emoticons. 

A Long Sunday

Zorknapp, corndogg and a few others via email have enquired about whether or not any live Sunday All Over The World might be made available.  Some live recordings of the group are on the long list to be assessed for potential inclusion on the site along with Fripptronics and other RF collaborations.  The key word here is patience.  You’ve waited this long, another few months months aren’t going to be too difficult surely?  


Burn On Demand Peacock

Undude asks if the downloads on the will become available as CDs.  None of the concerts currently available for downloading are scheduled to be released as CDs.  However, John Peacock from the DGM Tech Support Team is looking at the practicalities for a burn-on-demand service and we’ll make a pronouncement after conducting a bit more market research.

Fripp’s Rig And Panning

Numerous folks have been asking about the rig used by Fripp during the December Suite tour.  This just in from the man who should know, John Sinks the man who has been plugging those cables and pedals together for about 16 years now: 

2 Eventide H3500’s

2 Eventide H8000a’s

Roland GP100

SoundSculpture Switchblade

Rocktron All Access

4 Boss  FV-300H exp/vol Pedals

Roland GR1 guitar synth

Roland GR30 guitar synth

“Robert’s rack is still in the process of being redesigned. We may replace the Roland synths at a future date and add an Eventide Eclipse” says John.

On a slightly different note Purjah asks about errant crackling in amongst the bleeping and droning from RF 2000 soundscapes.  Alex “Stormy” Mundy had this to say. 

“The clicks referred to are generated by Roberts Rack. At that time the rack had 4 tc digital delay units which caused the clicks. These have been removed from the rack, and from the Big Chill soundscapes onward, should happen less - if at all. We have new H8000 loop units in the rack now, and on switching on, they create a click, which we are hoping to rectify asap but could get into the loops. Once there, they continue to come back every time the loop goes around. Sometimes they can be edited out, and sometimes we EQ them out where possible.”

Nothing But The Tour

wvfaux asks are there any plans to allow us to purchase entire tours at a discounted price in the future?  This is something that is technically possible although we’d need to do some more market research to see how real the demand for this kind of thing might be.