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KC - The best of British?
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KC - The best of British?
Crimson commentary chronicles band history
Liederhalle Stuttgart
This fiery tone poem of bustling street scenes, of places and people and a multitude of beating...
Masonic Temple
“Hang about,” says Robert to the boisterous and lively crowd in Detroit who insist on shouting...
Paramount Theatre Long Island
The twists and turns which The Errors goes through are a joy to try and follow. Just when you think...
King Crimson
Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo
King Crimson
Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto
Palias Montcalm
Not only is it lovely to hear Jakko’s impassioned vocals both on the verses, heard here with...
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Live in Toronto

King Crimson rehearsals 2014
Fripp: “What I’m going to do is shout out my parts ahead of time. So we have the four themes. G, Eflat, B and then G. On the first Jakko and...
The Seven Principles Of King...
May King Crimson bring joy to us all. Including me. If you don’t...
Robert Fripp - Sleevenotes to...
Studio and live are two worlds. Would you, the audience, prefer to have a love letter or a hot date? Each have their value. Crimson were always a band for a hot date. From time to time they could...
David Singleton - Sleevenotes...
he difficulties of capturing a live show have been well-documented. In...
The seven-headed beast live in...
"Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe" - is the title of the...
David Singleton's Diary
And so to Nashville. If The Ryman Auditorium is the spiritual home of the Grand Ole Opry and “Mother Church of Country Music, then one might fear that the first glorious chords...