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Happy birthday, Discipline
42 years of Discipline

Welcome to Santa Cruz
Archive gig from 1984

80s Trilogy pre-order
80s Steven Wilson remixes on LP

Happy birthday Discipline
Discipline is 41 years old

New 80s vinyl
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Good Evening, Lyon
Archive concert from 1982

Beat turns 40
40 years old today

Mr.Stormy's Monday Selection
Man With An Open Heart

Three Of A Perfect Pair 40th...
Robert Fripp saw King Crimson’s final album of the 80s, Three of a Perfect Pair, as representing...
After seven years away from the public King Crimson returned in 1981 with a brand-new incarnation....
KC 50 13 Yoli Yoli
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, King Crimson are releasing 50 rare or unusual tracks from the...
King Crimson
DGMHQ Soundworld 1, Bredonborough
King Crimson
Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL
Having been requested to rewrite the lyrics to Easy Money Jakko holds forth on the winners and...
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On The Road with David...
David Singleton discusses the production of the new 1980s King Crimson Boxed set "On and Off The Road"
Tony Levin - Memories of Moles...
Moles Club is a hole in the wall kind of place. Located at the top of...
Robert Fripp - King Crimson:...
In 1982 King Crimson supported Roxy Music for seven shows in Portugal, Spain and France. The two Riviera performances, at Cap D'Agde and Frejus (August 26 & 27) were filmed and recorded for Roxy Music...
On mixing Absent Lovers by...
Mixing a recorded studio performance is always a translation. Mixing a...
Discipline - The Long View
“THE NEXT STEP IS DISCIPLINE” proclaimed the legend scrawled into...
Beat - The Long View
Following 1981’s dazzling reinvention of King Crimson with the...
Three of a Perfect Pair - The...
If the music of Discipline and, to a lesser degree, Beat had fallen...
Robert Fripp's Diary
12.34Super Audio Mastering, Dartmoor.Rising heroically at 09.00 from a NightWorld adventure with Jimi Hendrix. We were sharing Jimi’s guitar with Jimi on my left playing the...