Written by Holger P├Ątsch
05 December, 2023
I've just read Moles in Bath is closing down, which is of course where the Discipline-era iteration of King Crimson had their first public outing as... Discipline.
Written by Edward Martin
04 December, 2023
What a bundle!
Thanks for the new 81 bundle! I have been dying to hear those shows, I always felt 81 was one of the strongest years for the Crims! Good to be able to hear all these new shows. Thanks!

Alex Mundy replied:

Dear Edward, Thank you, it has been a labour of love.
Written by Daniel Bukszpan
04 December, 2023
So I finally watched the ITCOTCK documentary...
... and I loved it. My sole complaint is that I would have been perfectly happy to sit there and watch it for 30 hours, but I only got 90 minutes! Great stuff, very enlightening, and the way Bill Rieflin was used in it was as tasteful and poignant as it gets. I will also say that Adrian Belew did not come off all that well and I was kind of surprised that he thought RF was his "songwriting partner" and that RF "needs" him. Dude, I love those records and you're a great musician but don't get it t...
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
04 December, 2023
Jamie Muir
Happy Birthday Late, but I remember you, a big Hug.
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
03 December, 2023
Cheikha Rimitti
Wonderful works, I recommend with all love and respect these excellent works, a big hug to all.
Written by Mark Van Kempen
02 December, 2023
Ladies of the Woke
I've always felt that the lyrics of Ladies of the Road are parody/caricature.
Written by Alexander Dylan Sugar
Relaxed and Confident Late-Earthbound Gig
I believe this is chronologically the last recording we have from the Earthbound tour? Despite the 3 stars sound rating, I find the sound quite clear and listenable (at least the version hidden on one of the blu ray discs in the Sailors' Tales box set). This is probably my 2nd favorite "Sailor's Tale" Fripp solo after the Jacksonville version on Earthbound, but the audio quality is much cleaner than the latter. Fripp also plays a noticeably more brutal than usual coda to the same track that almo...
Written by Frank Hadlich
Great alternative
While I love ToaPP this piece is the worst KC track ever imho (one of the very few which I cannot listen to... ok, the only track, everything else KC is epic) However, this early version has the right vibes and I like it a lot. Thanks for this alternative for my personal alternative ToaPP album in my collection!
Written by Geoffrey Pointon
I was there...!!
For me, Discipline, Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair was the best period of King Crimson music. I was introduced to their music by a then girl friend and remember seeing this unique concert. It was like nothing else I had ever seen. Fripp sat back on his corner stool surounded by his tape deck and other equipment, I think Adrian Belew and Tony Levin owned the stage with their performance. Bill Brewford I recall did a percussion duet with Adrian. A raelly special night.
Written by Richard Marshall
Too young, too stoned
I was there. I know I was. I remember walking on the boardwalk, with my mates. It was stormy and cold for a June evening in New Jersey. It was a cold and stormy evening. I was there, right? I remember Golden Earring being rudely treated by my Jersey brethren, thinking "....that's not cool". I don't remember the music, though. Why did I think it would be better high? Mistake, should have kept my wits about me. So glad someone had the tape running......
Written by Alexander Dylan Sugar
Must Have for Fans of Wetton Era
This might be my favorite of all shows from this lineup. Improv II is a musical tornado and probably my favorite improv from any KC lineup. Two superlatives right off the bat is how good this show is. You can hear the energy the whole band is putting out right up through Wetton's enthusiastic vocals. And at least to my non-technical ears, the sound quality seems right up there with Nightwatch and USA.
Written by Chris Inguanta
Agree with Jonathan Wilson
Nice to listen to. Sometimes it seems like the mellotron's pitch is a little off, but very listenable and enjoyable. Typical of audience recordings, lots of chatter in the background, but Mr. Stormy cleaned it up nicely.