Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
19 May, 2024
Happy Birthday!
Toyah, I hear your voice, and I say it's Toyah, All my love on your day with Robert, A Big Hug.
Written by Aleksandra Craine
17 May, 2024
Happy Birthday, Robert!
All the best wishes and all my love!
Written by T C DelBen
16 May, 2024
Early 1969 Setlist
There's what seems to be a setlist from early 1969 included in Complete 1969 Recordings, as well as a black and white scan of it in the 3CD set. What's particularly of interest is that this is the only record we have of songs that may have made it past the rehearsals in February but dropped by Hyde Park; some songs listed include "Trying to See" (Fripp/Sinfield composition, introspection, frustration, search, confusion, related to Schizoid Man), "Moonchild" (!!!), "Freedom" (Mike vocal/Fripp gui...
Written by Martin Eade
16 May, 2024
Just listened to David Singleton asking 'what is music'. He mentioned muzak and how you probably wouldn't hear King Crimson in a lift for instance. Well this reminded me of a trip I had to Lake Como a couple of years ago. I had to visit a dentist urgently whilst there to have a crown refixed. As I was lying back in his chair the calming music he had playing softly in the background filtered through to me and I realised it was 'Epitaph'! So, maybe not muzak but calming nonetheless and of course s...
Written by Andrew Mather
16 May, 2024
KChallenge JB to AM
Best Times is reflected mainly by DGM. The constant reiteration of that we know is welcome. The differing angles and views are astonishing. The energy, intensity and eclecticism remain. The ‘world is waking up to it’ and we can see it. Thanks…that’ll do.
Written by John Bridger
15 May, 2024
Who Hugh?
I see that recent questions on the Forum have been answered by Hugh O'Donnell. Hello Hugh, I don't recognise your name so could you tell us what your role is within the DGM organisation?

Hugh O'Donnell replied:

Thank you for asking John. I take care of matters relating to Artwork and Archive at DGM, and very occasionally Mr Stormy will ask me to cover for him when he is taking a well-deserved break from website duties. Normal service to be resumed next week!
Written by Rainer Robles
5 stars for "Easy money"
The title track is great, plus the video is the only one from 2016 officially available. If I want to listen to "Starless" or "Hell Hounds", I'd rather give the Vienna set a spin. And then there's "Easy money"... WHAT A VERSION!! Remarkable, to the point that Mr. Stormy would later lift the vocals and guitar solo to mash them up with the studio version (said mash-up is also highly recommended). Also, I must note that this performance is available on the Audio Diary and the 2016 tour bundle here ...
Written by Alexander Dylan Sugar
Gold covered in mud
This recording sounds like putting your ear to a door to hear a concert on the other side of it, although that concert sounds like it must have been a fantastic one. Recommended only for serious fans of this lineup, not those looking for one of their best live recordings as an introduction.
Written by Chris Inguanta
Weird hearing this without Bill's "box"
Vey enjoyable, indeed. A great listen. Thanks for unearthing this nugget.
Written by Chris Inguanta
I really enjoyed this one
Fripp's guitar is smoking on 21st Century Schizoid man. Mr. Stormy cleaned it up pretty good. Nice to hear this era of the band. Recommended.
Written by Stephen Byrne
A real sonic delight
It is hard to tell at times that this is a bootleg tape - the sound is that clear and mostly free from any external noises. There aren't too many live shows from 1971 so this is a real find.
Written by Jean Luc Michaud
This is a GEM
Soundwise it is way above the usual three stars. The playing sounds quite different than what we are used to hear usually for the songs played at this concert. Kudos to the taper.