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Wednesday 19 April 2023

That Awful Man & The Vicar - Covington 6 Oct 2022

I see that the Youtube channels have just uploaded the latest in the videos from Robert's and my speaking tour last year - a snippet from Covington. A gig and a city that proved to be particularly memorable for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because in my morning run, I set off with my usual complete lack of direction, and found myself jogging all the way from Covington to Cincinnati. In fact, all the way from Kentucky to Ohio. Which sounds wonderfully impressive to those (like me until then) completely unaware of the local geography - until you learn that they are only separated by a bridge over the Ohio river - so in the end no longer than my usual 5 km excursion. It was also, as I recall, a day when our missing merchandise supplies, which had been chasing us from venue to venue, finally caught up with us, much to general relief.

But the real excitement was in the evening, just before we went on stage. The venue had just installed a new lighting rig, and, as they fired it up (unfortunate choice of words), it actually caught fire! So the audience had to be moved, the rig lowered, and fires extinguished. So yes, I think Robert and I can rightly claim that we lit up Covington. Whether it was a "standout performance" along with those we recalled in the clip is a different story. It was certainly great fun.