In contrast to the Poseidon sessions (which had several takes of the basic tracks with less emphasis on the process of overdubbing), the Lizard sessions shed a light on the process of laying down instrumental tracks on what must be one of KC's densest albums. In the case of "Cirkus", first off, the basic track is laid down, consisting of drums, bass, and Robert on electric piano, playing chords as well as the guide for the vocal melody. Afterwards, the various overdubs are added in layers. The second track contains electric piano, the main mellotron riff, and the sax doubling the riff. The third track has the acoustic guitar (occasionally playing some very wild riffs that didn't make the final mix), the alto sax solo, and an electric guitar playing through a tremolo effect. The next track has the vocal track and some other elements. Finally, there is a rough mix with Gordon singing la-la-la instead of the lyrics, and some elements that are different from the final mix.