The Ryman Auditorium

Coming after the drama of Larks’ Tongues In Aspic Pt 4 Jeremy Stacey’s beautifully reflective piano introduction changes the atmosphere and dynamics of the gig entirely. The chorus after Mel’s first instrumental passage, where Jakko’s voice and Jeremy’s piano hang in space, is quite simply spellbinding.
Written by George Allen
Seats and Sounds
This wasn't my first "Royal Package", but it will be my last. Once again, folding chairs magically appear in front of the "first 3/4 rows" that are part of the package. I note the people sitting in these folding chair seats have the same Royal Package VIP laminates that we do... a Royaler Royal Package? Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice and I'm not playing along any longer. I have to respectfully disagree with the reviewer above. The Ryman is constructed entirely from hard wood and the only sound diffusion was the audience. The sound was harsh, abrasive and decidedly unpleasant. I can say it was a dreadful step in the wrong direction from the previous venues I saw KC at in '17. I put this down completely to the venue, which is great for acoustic C&W and Bluegrass musicians, but simply is not suited for an electric (and very percussive) rock act. All in all, an expensive disappointment.
Written by Bruce Rutherford
The Krim kills 'em in the mother church - Nashville Sept 27, 2019
When King Crimson took the stage I believe the Ryman audience were unprepared for the incredible show they were about to witness. Having seen King Crimson a few times before and the three drummer configuration (only once) during the 2017 Radical Action Tour in Atlanta, I can say without hesitation that this was the best performance of any line up that I've ever heard as well as being, in my opinion, the perfect set list. Their inclusion of "Frame by Frame" and "Cat Food" were both very special treats for me. Jakko's vocal really shined on both songs with Tony perfectly harmonizing on "Frame By Frame." Oh, so good!! "Indisipline" was the real show stopper. All three drum monsters were on fire and obviously having a great time. It was the best performance of that song that I've ever heard, by any previous line up, any download or studio release. It will most surely be a heavy contender for the Nashville show download. My hat is off to Chris Porter for providing us with a glorious house mix and all of the band for turning in a stellar performance. I wish I could give this show 10 stars as 5 just doesn't seem like anywhere near enough. Great show - great set list - great sound - great balls of fire!!