Last Skirmish & Prince Rupert's Lament

The majority of King Crimson’s third album was recorded drum and bass first,[endtease] with other contributions being overdubbed at a later stage. The parts were allocated to the players rather than being developed by them.

With only Fripp and Sinfield having any inkling of what the final track might sound like, both bassist Gordon Haskell and drummer Andy McCulloch were frustrated by this approach and the time taken to get what the producers regarded as the right drum sound.

Feeling they were effectively playing in the dark, the most short-lived rhythm section in Crimson’s history worked through the various segments and sequences that would eventually become Lizard.

Eliciting heated debate wherever KC fans gather, Lizard is known to be Fripp’s least favourite KC album and in this opinion, he is joined by Haskell.

“I get to the end and they say ‘that’s great’” says Haskell, “and I think ‘Well that’s probably as good as your drums sound. You don’t have a clue what you’re doing. Thank Christ that’s over!’ Eight minutes of a bloke wandering around up his own arse. Great. That’s art.”

This is probably the first take of Last Skirmish and whilst McCulloch’s parts sound fairly close to the finished version that appears on album, Haskell was required to add a few repair jobs and overdubs later in the sessions.

This track is also available for download as part of a bumper collection of Mr Stormy's Monday Selections - his first year of random romps through the murky, cavernous DGM archives, torch in hand, fedora upon his head.

AUDIO SOURCE: Quarter Inch Reel to Reel Tape



Last Skirmish Prince Ruperts Lament
Written by Wade Born
Lizard...Least favorite?? One of MY favorites!
I remember well... walking a mile & 1/ night with my friends to buy LIZARD when it was first released..noting ,of course,after listening...that it was WAY different from the previous releases..That was just fine with me...part of the charm of the KC experience. I quite enjoy this a fan of fantasy writings..I’d say this was a perfect sountrack for the pictures on the cover.Utterly Mysterious,hinting at a weird and wonderous & beautiful Frippian world.
Written by Marcos López García
God bless darkness
Oh i love to listen to Haskell & McCulloch playing in the dark. This might have been the beginning of the double duo. 5 stars because of the ’intimate’ of the document itself, terribly worthy for those who are interested in recording procedures. Sorry for my english but i’m from Spain; i do the best i can. 
Written by Aymeric Leroy
Thanks - & a comment on spelling
Interesting document... Thanks for this, although the alternate take of "Cadence And Cascade" with Greg Lake on vocals from the other week will be hard to beat...Now, the comment - poor Andy, he has a long history of his name being misspelt, but anyway, it’s McCulloch, not McCullough.
Written by ALLAN G OKADA
Drum Sound
I’ve always loved Andy’s drum sound on this record, in particular the sound of the toms.  I’d be interested to know what sort of kit he used on it.  I can understand the frustration due to the oddity of playing in isolation without any melodic guidelines.  I view this as a considerable achievement, despite Mr.Haskell’s reminiscence. Over the many years I’ve grown to really enjoy this record with the lyrics and particularly flowery flute playing my only real complai...