Riverside Theatre

Written in the summer of 1971, the song Islands gave its name to the fourth King Crimson studio album. The piece was performed live on a handful of occasions that year by Mel, Boz, Ian, and Robert but quickly dropped from the setlist. The arrangement here closely follows the version recorded by Jakko Jakszyk for his 2006 solo album, The Bruised Romantic Glee Club which also featured Ian and Mel recapturing something of their Crimson spirit.
Written by Raymond Simon
Wonderful Treat to the Ears and Spirit of Music
This show and the one from Chicago months ago were fantastic to attend. I attended as part of the Royal Package and glad I did so. Had a friend accompany me and he thought it was a great experience as well. At first I was a bit taken back that Bill Rieflin did the Q&A, as he was not actively playing with the band that night. His personality and articulation of answers and often not answers is however very enjoyable. Thanks Bill for taking the time. This show along with the Chicago show is some o...
Written by Casey Bye
Cimso Goes Out
Some thoughts on this stellar show below. First, the sentimental part of me feels it’s necessary to mention that it’s been a tradition for my parents to go with me to Crimson-related shows since I first got into them (my mom would regularly bring Poseidon to spin in her college art classes in the early ‘70s, so this current lineup is a special treat for her having never seen any of that era's material live before). Our first show, when I was 16, was an intimate Belew solo gig at Shank ...
Written by Michael Yaeger
All the music is new, whenever it was written
12-year-old Drumson Andrew and I just saw our fifth show of the tour. This incredible night at the Riverside Theater may have been the best. Please see my reviews of Minneapolis and Atlanta. Again, the Royal Package enabled us to get prime seats, avoid scalpers, and get a program signed by all 8 members. Iona Singleton was so pleasant greeting fans at the door. My new Crim buddy Steve Sanford, who I met at the F & F show in Austin, was seeing his eighth show of the tour. Also present was ...